Savor Different Types Of Asian Food

Asian food in particular has a huge fan following, all over the world and is known for its rich blend of spices that enhances the flavor of the dish. In general Asian food from the southeast and in central parts of Asia is found to be quite popular with the crowd. The cuisine from each region is quite different from one another and so are their cooking styles. Most of the dishes have three common flavors such as tangy, sour and sweet. The rich spices add to the thickness of the dish and lend a special fragrance for a tasty bite. Let us take a look at some of the well known cuisines from the different regions of Asia.

Chinese Cuisine

Food delicacies from the land of china are mainly associated with noodles and rice, while the latter forms the staple diet of their lives. Chinese cuisines are cooked using a traditional vessel known as Wok and are spiced with several types of sauces. They are served with stirred fried vegetables and noodles as a side accompaniment. Besides that, the Chinese cuisine is so diversified, that every region in china has its own signature dish. To name a few popular ones, we have the Cantonese and the Shanghainese region cuisines. They are made spicy with the addition of pepper and served with steam dumplings as a main course.

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Japanese cuisine

Fish is the staple food for the people of Japan and is cooked with teriyaki sauce for an enhanced flavor. Like China, rice is more often used in the many of the Japanese cuisines. They are cooked with spices, steamed vegetables and soy paste. Japanese cuisines use a lot of soy products such as tofu, soy milk and soy beans. It adds thickness to the gravy and lends a subtle taste in addition to the strong spices. Most of the Japanese food is cooked with less oil and the vegetables are steamed to retain their natural flavor. Japanese cuisines are very healthy and are good for keeping the cholesterol in check.

Indian cuisine

The land of India is home to varied styles of cooking and dishes out a wide array of some spectacular cuisines. They are mainly divided into four main regions, namely the northern, eastern, western and the southern cuisine. Each region has their own method of cooking, be it the rice, dal, roti or sambar, every dish is spiced and served with a lot of side accompaniments. Ghee and butter are used as substitutes for oil and are mainly used to enhance the flavor of the dish. Mughalai cuisine that was introduced by the invaders from the west is a tempting affair and is best cooked with a lot of spices and oil.

Most of the Asian cuisines spell a lot of flavor with every bite and is cooked to perfection with spices and in a very traditional manner. They are far different from the subtle and bland flavor of the continental dishes from the west. The cooking procedures are simple and mostly steam cooked or stir fried to get a better texture of the food. Asian cuisines are aptly known as the food for soul and are one of its kinds that you cannot stop raving about!